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The Road to First Class
by John Tegtmeier - Saturday, 28 November 2009, 11:52 PM
All skills requirements for the ranks of Scout through First Class should be accomplished within the patrol. Instruction for requirements can be done by the Patrol Leader, other youth leaders who are First Class or above, adult instructors in the Troop, or other agents such as summer camp staff. However, the Patrol Leader should satisfy himself that a scout has completed the requirement and has a sufficient knowledge of the skill. The point to basic rank requirements is not to complete a check list, but rather to develop a firm grasp of scoutcraft, outdoor skills and leadership allowing a scout to be able to care for himself and others both in the outdoors and in urban environments.

Once the Patrol Leader is satisfied that the scout has developed the proper skills level to complete a requirement, and only then, should the scout present him self to either the SPL or one of the Troop adult leaders to have the requirement signed. The person signing the requirement should also satisfy himself that the work has been done and the scout has achieved the proper skills level.

BSA's National Council has developed a website as a companion to the Handbook. This site may prove to be very useful for the PL and scouts who are trying to master a skill. The url for this site is on the Troop's home page. Please feel free to use it.

Over time, we will be adding additional supplemental material to assist scouts to gain the knowledge needed to complete a requirement, and for Patrol Leaders and the Troop's youth leadership to teach it.
Picture of John Tegtmeier
Getting Started
by John Tegtmeier - Thursday, 26 November 2009, 11:23 PM
Time to try to get the Troop 6 E-Learning center up and running again. All scouts in the Troop already have an account created, as well as all adults who are either Merit Badge Counselors or members of the Scoutmaster's Staff. Your username and password will be both e-mailed to you and given to you as hard copy.

Please log in as a test as soon as possible.

John Tegtmeier

Course categories

Welcome to the Troop 6 Learning Center! We're creating a series of "courses" in a number of different areas to supplement program training in scoutcraft (Tenderfoot through First Class rank advancement), merit badges, youth and adult leadership training, and various program areas.

The purpose of these courses is simple - to help both Scouts and Scouters master the skills required in a great Scouting program. Participation in these course is optional, the course are another tool not a "requirement." They are made available to enhance the material presented in the handbook, at Troop meetings, and in merit badge pamphlets to allow "students" to master enhanced topics at their own pace.

To participate, you'll need to send a request to Mr. Tegtmeier ( to be registered for the Center. This procedure, while a bit tedious, is being done to exclude spammers and others who might wish to use the Center for other purposes. Youth and website protection and safety always remain our top priority.

John Tegtmeier
Troop 6 E-Learning Center Administrator
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