What is Advanced Troop Leadership Training? Why Do it?

You have been individually chosen both on the basis of your current interest and participation as well as your potential to be solid leaders within the Troop. Advanced Troop Leadership Training is an intensive program to develop that potential, while giving you the chance to have experiences that will keep the Scouting program fresh and interesting.

We will NOT be having many sessions during the Troop meetings. Clearly, there are too many demands on your time then, being involved in successfully leading your patrols and the Troop. We will be having most sessions at other times, particularly during the summer. As many as possible of these will be outdoors, or have a strong outdoors component. You'll be exposed to the skills needed to really get the ball rolling come September. While this will add to the demands on your time, hopefully you'll find the payoff in a superior, boy-lead program will be well worth it, not only to you but for the whole Troop.

So what is it that we hope to get accomplished?

  1. First, and most importantly, that you all have fun, Scouting after all is the best game around. So that means giving you all special opportunities to do a lot of different things.
  2. By modeling the group as the "Hawk Patrol", that you begin to understand just how the patrol works as a team and the most important unit in Scouting, In the final analysis, Scouting IS hiking and camping. Your patrols need to be able to do that at a level where everyone gets to both learn and enjoy themselves.
  3. That all of you not only attain the rank of First Class, but more importantly, develop a strong knowledge of the scoutcraft skills that make up the requirements for the basic ranks - Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.
  4. That you develop the teaching skills necessary to pass on the scoutcraft that you have learn to the other members of your patrol. At the same time, you'll develop an understanding of how to do this with active not passive techniques at the meetings, without making basic advancement another "classroom" experience. Both you and the scouts in your patrols have enough of that at school.
  5. That you understand in practice as well as "theory" what a boy-run troop is. You should have a firm grasp of how the Patrol Leaders Council works as a vehicle for developing, planning,and carrying out program within the Troop.
  6. That you have long-term ongoing support available both in developing program for the Troop and your Patrol, and that you have the opportunity to grow personally through the merit badge program, service projects and special programming.

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Last Updated: September 18. 2008