Advanced Troop Leadership Training

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"Advanced Troop Leadership Training" is Troop 6's special training course based on developing an understanding of the boy-run troop and the use of the patrol method within Scouting. This page will serve as the starting point for resources, announcements, and news about what's happening with the Advanced Troop Leadership Training Program. Check here AT LEAST once a week, and especially right before any planned actvities. Read over the 9/19/08 The What and Why of "Advanced Troop Leadership Training" page - it should give you a pretty good overview of the training's goals.

Meetings and Events


Leadership Resources



Merit Badges. Go to the Advancement Resources and download worksheets for Citizenship in the Nation, Personal Fitness, Law and Fingerprinting. Links are also up for other merit badges in which any of you have expressed an interest.

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Last Updated: September 19, 2008