How to Access On-Line Training Courses

National Council E-Learning

National Council has a lot of training courses on-line so that you can do them at times that are most convenient to you. Courses can be selected and paused or suspended along the way. You will be able to print a certificate once you've satisfactorily completed a course. In order to take advantage of this option, you must create a "MyScouting" account on the National site. What follows below will hopefully make this process a bit easier.

figure 1

First, use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser rather than Netscape or Firefox. For some reason, National optimized the applications for IE, and everything else has a problem.

To get started, click on the MyScouting link on the top navigation bar. That will send you to the sign in page where you can create your account. (see fig. 1)

You’ll need a valid e-mail address to set up the MyScouting account. If you don’t have e-mail already, go to Google Mail or Yahoo and get a free web based account.

figure 2

If you have an account, just sign in. Otherwise you'll need to set one up to access the My Scouting features. This also allows the system to keep track of the courses you've taken. Just click on the link under “New to MyScouting". (see fig. 2)

figure 3

A couple of courses have been available prior to the My Scouting setup. If you haven’t done any previous E-Learning, just click submit. The “No” answer is the preset. (see fig. 3)

figure 4

This brings you to the first page of the registration sequence (see fig. 4). Add your name, and go to the end of the dropdown menu for Council. Click on Westchester-Putnam 388. Finally enter your PID number from your registration card. Look at the illustration of the membership card that is in figure 4 - the PID is labeled as the membership ID. If you can’t find your current card or the number, e-mail and we’ll provide it to you if you're registered. You’ll go to a second page where they will ask for your e-mail address, and a password. The rest of your information will fill from National’s records.

figure 5

Once submitted, you get a page that will tell you an e-mail has been sent to confirm (see fig 5). Once you've received the e-mail confirmation, just follow the instructions to confirm and login for the first time. After that, you'll be able to login on the first MyScouting page (see fig 2 above).

figure 6

Once you’ve confirmed your account, and logged in, you’ll go to the main MyScouting page (see fig. 6). This describes all the scoutnet options. For most, user status is restricted and further account and password protected (advancement, re-chartering, etc). Click on e-Learning.

figure 7

That will bring you to a listing of the available courses, broken down to Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, and General. The only ones to concern you are the Boy Scout and the General (see fig. 7). You’ll note that each course has a colored button in front of the name. Yellow means you haven’t taken the course. Blue means you’ve started a course, and suspended work on it. Green means the course has been successfully completed.If you haven't taken a course, the selection link to the right of the course will read "Take the Course".

figure 8

Everyone should take the Fast Start: Boy Scouting course under the Boy Scout tab, and Youth Protection Guidelines under the general tab (see fig. 8).

figure 9

After the completion of each course, login to MyScouting again. That course should now have a green button (see fig. 9). To the right of the course name, click on “View Certificate” and print* out TWO copies, one for yourself and one for the Troop. We’ll make sure everything gets submitted to Council for their records.

* Make sure you adjust your browser printing option to “Print Background Colors and Images”. If you don’t, you won’t get the red bars. To do that, click on the Tools menu on IE, and click on Internet Options. Once you’ve got that, click on the advanced tab, and scroll down to Printing. Turn on the background printing. DON’T FORGET TO REVERSE THIS WHEN YOU’RE DONE.

Here are the courses you should take in their order of preference:

  1. Youth Protection Training: under the General tab.
  2. Fast Start: Boy Scouting: under the Boy Scout tab.
  3. Weather Hazards: under the General tab. This is a new course, very basic, but National will require someone with this training on EVERY outdoors event beginning Jan 1.
  4. Troop Committee Challenge: under the Boy Scout tab. This is the specific training for members of the committee, but everyone can benefit from understanding how the committee works (or should.)
  5. Safe Swim Defense: under the General tab. Especially those who go on the Troop Swims
  6. Safety Afloat: under the General tab. All those going on the Canoe Trip should take this course.

Each of these courses can be done in less an hour, many much less. Remember, you can stop a course at any point, and be able to return to the course later at the same point. It really isn’t that burdensome, and it’s a lot quicker and convenient to do it on-line than in classroom courses.

All registered adults, both Scoutmaster's Staff and Troop Committee, should take Youth Protection Training and Fast Start as soon as possible.

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Last Updated: June 7, 2008